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"Gray divorce" on the rise

In Illinois and across the country, a growing number of older Americans is choosing to divorce. These statistics are part of a social trend that has been increasing over the decades, and the growth in baby boomer divorces is now being referred to as a "gray divorce revolution." Since 1990, the divorce rate for Americans aged 50 and older has doubled. At the same time, the divorce rate for people aged 65 and older has tripled. Divorce is more socially acceptable and familiar to people, but there is a number of specific factors that may affect a particular couple's decision to separate.

In general, family experience with divorce can correlate with an increased likelihood of a legal split. For example, the daughters of parents who divorced are 60 percent more likely to end their own marriages, and the sons of divorced parents are 35 percent more likely to do the same. In addition, people of any age who have divorced in the past are more likely to do it again. Therefore, people who are on their second or third marriages are 2.5 times more likely to divorce than those who are still involved in their first marriages.

In addition, an older couple can face additional stresses that accompany life changes and transitions. When children move out of the home, or people leave work for retirement, long-standing incompatibilities and unhappiness can arise. Other circumstances, like adult children returning to the home, can also affect a marriage's longevity.

When older people decide to divorce, there are financial issues that can be very important to consider. Retirement funds are a significant asset at any age, but this is especially true for those close to or at retirement age. A family law attorney can assist someone with a range of legal issues, including property division and spousal support.

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