Establish An Adult Guardianships To Care For A Disabled Loved One

Disabled adults deserve caring advocates who can assist with activities of daily living while encouraging independence and self reliance whenever possible. Our attorneys act as guardianship attorneys in Rockford, Illinois, and the surrounding areas, helping disabled adults obtain compassionate guardians who have their best interests in mind.

At Schlueter Ecklund & Davitt, we have been working for more than 40 years to help disabled adults obtain guardians to help with physical, mental and cognitive tasks they cannot perform themselves. Our attorneys are deeply familiar with the state of Illinois' progressive guardianship laws, and have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly establish an adult guardianship for a loved one who is incapacitated, mentally disabled or physically disabled.

Personal And Estate Guardianship Attorneys In Winnebago Ans Boone Counties

In Illinois, courts can appoint a personal guardian when the disabled adult cannot make decisions about their personal or medical care. You can look to the attorneys at Schlueter Ecklund & Davitt to help you establish:

  • Temporary guardianships
  • Estate guardianships
  • Personal guardianships
  • Limited guardianships
  • Plenary guardianships

Guardians can have limited powers or be temporarily appointed. Estate guardians help individuals with financial issues. Personal guardians work with their ward to assist with tasks of everyday life, while allowing the individual an appropriate level of autonomy depending on their disability.

While family members can serve as guardians, there is no obligation for a relative to act as guardian. In some cases, a family member may not be the best person. For example, if the only living relative does not live in the state of Illinois, then a judge may prefer to choose a guardian who lives in Winnebago and Boone Counties.

Contact The Lawyers At Schlueter Ecklund & Davitt

In addition to handling the appointment of a guardian for a disabled adult, our attorneys can petition for a change of guardian, modification of the guardianship arrangement or termination of the guardianship. Our guardianship lawyers can represent disabled adults who need guardians, family members of wards or other interested parties in the guardianship process.

Are you interested in a free consultation with a guardianship attorney to learn more about the process, types of guardianships or any other guardianship matter? Our attorneys are always happy to discuss your circumstances. Please contact us online or call 815-516-8264 or 800-207-5133 today for help obtaining guardianships for disabled adults.