Protecting Minor Children and Disabled Adults in Guardianship Proceedings

Guardianships provide legal authority to protect those we love in situations where no such authority exists by default. Whether you are a child caring for an elderly parent suffering from Alzheimer's disease or a grandparent caring for your grandchild, a guardianship can give you the authority to make the most important decisions for those you love who are unable to make the decisions themselves.

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Establishing Guardianships for Minor Children

Children need capable, caring adults in their lives, and these adults needs to have legal authority to manage the children's lives. If you are currently taking care of a child who is not your son or daughter, establishing a guardianship can provide you with this essential legal authority. As a guardian, you will be able to make necessary decisions in the child's life regarding health care, education and other important matters.

Creating Guardianships for Disabled Adults

Adults are presumed to be competent to make important decisions regarding health care, finances and other essential life matters. However, with age, injury or illness, not all people are capable of making these decisions. If someone you love is suffering from a mental disability or physical impairment, establishing a guardianship can allow you to ensure that they receive proper care.

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